Our Shirts - USA Proud


When we started TheTeeBro.com we had three simple requirements:

  • Our shirts must be soft and made of the highest quality materials.
  • We wanted our shirts manufactured in the USA.
  • We wanted any shirt sold in America to be printed in America.

As we looked into shirt makers and printing partners we soon realized that virtually none of the apparel we buy is actually manufactured in the USA.

Our Shirts

One company, however, stood out as makers of great shirts with a strong desire to have much of the manufacturing done in America and is 100% transparent in their process.  It's why we're proud to use exclusively Bella + Canvas shirts at TheTeeBro.com.

To learn more about Bella + Canvas visit them at:  https://www.bellacanvas.com/about-us


We partner with a shirt printing manufacturer located in Charlotte, NC.  They have the highest quality printing we've found and print out of their North Carolina and Los Angeles locations.