About Us

Our Start

My brother and I have always had a quirky sense of humor.  Even though we live hundreds of miles apart, whenever we're together we always find ourselves coming up with silly ideas to amuse ourselves. 

Don't believe me?  We once spent 7 hours having a contest to see who could whittle the better beard comb out of a piece of oak.  We both won, because there are no losers in whittling.

We both have a love of funny and sometimes off color t-shirts.  In some way it seemed only natural we'd end up with a small business designing and selling t-shirts.  In 2019, what started as a hobby and dream has become a full on obsession.

We founded TheTeeBro.com to specialize in the kind of funny T-Shirts that we love and believe other guys will love them too. 

Our Designs

We are a small business and all our designs are created in house by us.  We do not outsource designs or accept artwork from other artists the way other shops do.

Our Shirts

We believe that America is the greatest country in the history of the world.  It was important to us to find suppliers and partners who are America Proud like us.  To learn more about our partnerships, click here:


Dave (Founder)